A Quick Follow Up On How I’m Doing

Hello again,

I’m back with a quick update about my head/neck since another week and a half has passed by. At this point, I’m not having pain in my neck on the right side like I was after the first couple of weeks. When I press on the spot that was hurt, on my lower head and upper neck (left side), I feel a slightly more intense discomfort on the left side, than the right.

Lately I had forgotten about the injured spot because I wasn’t feeling pain like I had experienced a couple weeks ago. I am feeling very good and like myself, mostly. I only have a mild sensitivity on the left side of my neck, not where I got hurt but on the outer side where I had the pain after the lower back of my head and upper neck stopped hurting. I believe that’s partially because I like thick pillows and have been sleeping on my left side over the last week and a half.

In closing, this small experience has made me more aware and sensitive to how many different sensations you can experience after a hard hit and how fortunately, even though this was not a concussion or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) a lot still happened in the healing process because many parts of the body are connected to each other. Although this hasn’t been fun per-say, this experience definitely has been interesting to research and take notes of the changes that go into healing from hit to the head. 


Nurse Candace