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The doctor’s corner is for Doctors who specialize in the healing of Traumatic Brain Injury. Helpful tips on recovery will be found here.



How to achieve a maximum healing after minor traumatic brain injury/concussion

Your best chance of having a full functional recovery after suffering a TBI/concussion is to have the areas of the injury well mapped out.  The brain is organized into complex networks of circuits that communicate through electrochemical signaling to produce all of your functioning and physiology. Disruption to various circuits is common after suffering a TBI/concussion, producing the host of symptoms you report to your doctor, yet most often are not visible on MRI or CT scan of the brain because the anatomy of the brain that encases these electrical circuits is not bleeding, swollen, or punctured.  This is why, all too commonly, brain injured patients are sent home from the ER/hospital/or urgent care and instructed to rest, and that everything is ok because the scans say so.  Yet the patient is certain that they do not feel like themselves and are out of sorts visually, in gait, in balance, in speech, in fine motor, in cognitive ability, and emotionally.

Board certified Functional Neurologists, like myself, who have fellowship training in accurate diagnosis and treatment of TBI/concussions, have some of the highest success rates in this patient population, resulting in a return to full ADL’s and a full functional recovery of their quality of life.

This is usually achieved with novel forms of vestibular therapies, eye movement training specific to best neural integration, and specific sensory therapies, all combined in exact ways to promote long term plasticity of the brain in addition to central remodeling of the nervous system back toward ideal functioning.  The results we see on a daily basis appear “miraculous,” but are nothing more than humble applications of breakthroughs in neuroscience and brain/body communication and functioning.

I am grateful to be of useful service to humanity by sharing my gifts with them, to restore hope and quality of life to as many people as I can in my lifetime.

In Service,

Dr. Shannon Leon

Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology

Fellow of the American Board of Vestibular Rehabilitation

Functional Medicine Expert