You Won’t Guess What Happened

Last night I was talking to one of my friends, while socially distanced. We were video chatting and we started to joke. I am really quite animated when I am joking, everyone who knows me can confirm that. Anyway, I decided to do some sort of “Physical Comedy”, if in fact what I did was humorous enough to give it that title. I widened my mouth, further opened my eyes and dramatically tilted my head to the side. Like most of my comedy acts, I said to myself, “I can make this move bigger and it’ll be even more hilarious”!

 Believe me when I tell you, it was hilarious! It was all fun and games until I triggered the neck injury that I wrote about over the Spring.

During the call, we laughed very hard and kept adding onto our joke with random, funny gestures, until I suddenly stopped and grabbed my neck as I yelled out “Ow”, with an expression of utter shock on my face, which signaled my friend to do the same. I couldn’t believe I got injured from playing around, yet again, but I did. So there I was, once again, with neck pain. It happened a bit after 10 o’clock last night. As I type this, it is 1:07 PM and I still have a little pain on the right side of my neck, slightly above and behind my ear.  The crazy thing is, that when I initially injured my neck, it was on the left side…

Why exactly does pain change locations but remain in the same body part?

Honestly, I don’t yet know. I presume I’ll have to do additional research as to why that strange change has occurred. Perhaps because the neck is one body part and the nerves go throughout numerous places within the neck. I’m going to continue researching nerves in the neck and I’ll have a better idea about the specifics of what happened to my neck, why the pain returned on the opposite side, what my nerves and neck need to heal and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

I will keep you updated,