Thinking Positive Goes a Long Way


Ever since my accident on August 13th, 2012, I look at things/events in my life in a whole different way. Positive Thinking is what I use all the time, so much so; it grew into a habit. An example of this ‘Positive Thinking’ is from when I was in my coma and how I thought, Whatever kind of state I am in now, it will get better, I will be back to normal once again’.

Okay, okay, that is an extreme example, ‘positive thinking’, could work in your life even for more, ‘simple’ occurrences/things. Even to the point when you get a small cut that looks like it will take a long time to heal. You then focusing your attention on the cut, and thinking “This will heal soon,” will likely heal the wound faster than normally, rather than ignoring the wound right after getting it.

I have always believed in the principle ‘Positive Thoughts, Positive Results’. This theory has almost never let me down before. Most importantly, we have to remember by thinking positively, we are practicing one of the characteristics God has, positive energy.

Thereby, doing as such, brings a multitude of other miraculous gifts into your life, such as, a miraculous peace, an increased amount of energy, among a plethora of others.