Natural Ways of Healing a TBI


Tips on Accelerating the Healing of your TBI

(Traumatic Brain Injury)
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a non-congenital and non-degenerative insult to the brain from an external mechanical force that can possibly lead to permanent or temporary impairment of physical, cognitive and psychological functions of the brain, with an altered state of consciousness. The question that arises in most of our minds is whether Traumatic Brain Injury a permanent disability or not. Most TBIs are not intense and are likely not to cause long term or permanent disability. But keep in mind that all severtity levels of TBI have the potential to cause long lasting disability. Research says that permanent disorder can occur in 10% of mild injuries, 66% of moderate injuries and 100% of severe injuries.
A short period of unconsciousness, blurred vision, confusion, loss of balance or dizziness, headaches and memory problems are common symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury. This article focuses on the ways to accelerate healing of TBI in natural ways without the use of medication. We will be discussing several ways and tips for a TBI’s healing process.
Diet is one of the most important aspects of recovery. A healthy diet not only helps you fight against TBI but also many other diseases in the body. So consider it as a package. Scientists say that deficiencies in nutrients and chemicals can cause disruptions in brain functioning and the ability to think clearly. The human brain uses calories to function. So it is necessary for anyone with TBI to get enough nutritional calories to help the brain function easily.

Some nutritional tips are:

Having small meals every three to four hours a day.

Keeping small bags of snacks with you to boost energy through out the day.

Balance your diet with protein, vitamins, oils, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Do not over eat as it makes you sleepy.

Try to eat at the same time everyday.

You can find out different foods and recipes for meals and snacks that are full of protein and other essential nutrients on the Internet. Foods to avoid are salty foods, caffeine, excess of sweets and alcohol.
Another tip for healing a Traumatic Brain Injury is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is an easy way and a fascinating alternative to medicine that involves the use of essential oils that can be inhaled by the patient suffering from TBI. Aromatherapy can penetrate deeper in to the tissues than any other ways of heeling. Essential oils can help promote circulation and can accelerate the healing process. The essential oil of Frankincense is the perfect oil for TBI heeling. The oil possesses key features that work on critical centers of the brain. Inhaling this oil will always help accelerate the process of heeling. To ensure heeling, it is important to check the level of purity of the oil. Inferior oils should never be used at they have to enter the important centers of the brain.
Another way to heel TBI is massage. Massage helps in the heeling of TBI patients as it helps restore proper function throughout your body. Massage also helps by improving the circulation, the flow of lymph fluid and the metabolism of wastes in your body which all work to revitalize your brain.
These are some common tips and ways for the heeling process of Traumatic Brain injuries. Medication is not the only way to heel any disease; in fact medication always has some side effects that can harm your body. So natural ways to heel TBI or any disease is better than medication. Of course when things go out of hand, medication is important. Hope this article gives you hope and motivates you enough to study on several ways and tips to heel TBI.