Important Facts about a Traumatic Brain Injury

-Most people, after suffering a TBI do make a good recovery.

-Using a seatbelt and wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to help prevent a TBI from occurring.

-One of the most commonly injured areas of the brain is the Frontal lobe, which controls thinking and emotion regulation.

-Males are twice as likely to incur a TBI than females are, according to statistics.

This post’s intention was not to present unfortunate facts about TBIs, below are some of the best ways to further your healing from a TBI.

-There Are Groups with Resources to Help TBI Survivors and Caregivers.

Practice going to occupational, speech, and physical therapy regularly. This helps improve how your mind functions. Since it has been proven that the brain has Nuroplasticity, therapy only helps accelerate your healing.

Beware of overstimulation. Overstimulation to the brain and or body could leave a detrimental effect to you. It is important to someone who has a TBI to regulate their energy as best as they can. A sufficient amount of sleep is paramount in one’s recovery.