About Ryan


My name is Ryan, and I am going to share my TBI & NDE (Near-Death-Experience) with you here.


In 2012, I was hit by an SUV. My injuries from the accident consisted of a broken leg, shattered pelvis, broken collarbone and a life-everlasting Traumatic Brain Injury. My body went into a coma immediately after impact, and I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors’ informed my parents that while it did not look good, I had a less than 5 percent chance of surviving; according to medical data if I did survive, I had a 99% chance of being in a vegetative state.

As my family and friends were praying for me and the doctors’ were operating on me, I was going through a whole different experience. I was in a dark place, and I was scared. I cried out for Jesus. Soon, I began to feel better and better. Before I knew it, I was in the presence of Jesus. He towered over me, bringing me a feeling of such happiness, a happiness 1000 times greater than Christmas morning as a child. Heaven was perfect, from all of the beautiful colors to the melodic symphonies I heard there. The feeling in heaven was one of pure love, it was a place that I certainly did not want to leave. However, Jesus had different plans for me. He showed me how I was living my life; because I was so concerned about making money and thinking about how I ‘Didn’t need school.’ I thought I was smarter than everybody because I supposedly already, ‘Knew it all.’ 

He informed me that I was going back to do Special Things. Having been given the second chance by Jesus, I would like everybody to know how much Jesus loves them, and how everybody’s life has a divine purpose.

Ryan’s Story