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Tips on How To Recover from a TBI

Recovering from a Brain Injury could be a long and grueling process, especially if you do not have the information to better assist you to heal.  In this post, we […]


Positive Thoughts, Positive Results

Audio: – “Through my own experience dealing with a TBI, I found it beneficial to think positive, not only to me; but the world around me.” -Ryan There may be […]


Diffuse Axonal Injury

Audio: Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) A  brain injury, in which damage is in the form of extensive lesions in white matter tracts occurs over a widespread area. DAI is one […]


‘Effects of a TBI’

Audio: Intellectual impacts can include: Here and now memory misfortune and/or long haul memory misfortune Eased back capacity to process data, particularly recently procured data Inconvenience focusing or focusing for […]


Myths & Facts About TBI

Audio: There are numerous basic confusions or myths about cerebrum wounds among kids. Some of these myths were accepted to be valid before. Others are ‘clinical legend’ that has been […]


Different Contacts for Help Pertaining TBI

Audio: Brain Injury Association of America 800-444-6443 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 800-311-3435 Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center 800-870-9244 Health Resources and Services Administration […]

What are some ways People Incur a TBI?

If you do not have a TBI already, these facts might be helpful to you in order to avoid ever getting the brain injury. What causes TBI? The main sources of TBI […]


Is a ‘TBI’ Common?

Audio: What number of individuals have TBI? Of the 1.7 million who maintain a TBI every year in the United States: 52,000 pass away 275,000 are hospitalized; and 1.365 million […]